# Vision & mission

Welcome to Chain Pet——a world with cute elves from the alien universe and rewards.

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Players around the world can earn rewards through game and ecological contribution index. Players can build a planet of their own by upgrading, domesticating, breeding, and fighting their elves. The elves obtained are all personal assets. Find your partner to help you start your planetary journey and build your own planet.

Chain Pet is committed to building a bridge between the Play to Earn game and the player, and the player determines the economy of ownership.

In Chain Pet, players have a variety of ways to earn income, such as: obtain Elves NFT with different attributes and skills through blind boxes and enter NFT market to trade; collecting rare Elves NFT for training; operating and mining planets to increase output value and obtaining elves food ; operate and mine planets to increase output value, obtain elves food, upgrade gems and other game props for market transactions; provide liquid mining, pledge NFT mining, etc. Players can not only enjoy the fun of the game, but also earn income as a way of working!

At present, Chain Pet is in the early stage. Chain Pet token $CPET has been supported by a large number of players, and has been established a trading pool of tens of millions of dollars .This provides sufficient circulation for the entire development process, and it shows exponential growth every day.

CPET is already listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko .Players can trade CPET at PancakeSwap.

# Chain Pet NFT

There are two types of NFTs in Chain Pet: Elves NFT and Gem NFT.

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# 1.Elves NFT

The Elves NFT currently has the following functions: combat, mining, and synthesis of a new Elves NFT.

These elves have 5 regular colors: white, green, purple, orange, and red. This represents the different growth levels of the elves.

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Elves NFT all have different 'Hash' for mining.

With the continuous development of the Chain Pet ecosystem, new Elves NFT will continue to join.

# 2.Gem NFT

10 Gem NFT to synthesize a random Elves NFT.

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The rules are as follows:
White Gem NFT: 10 White Gem NFTs to synthesize a random White Elves NFT.
Green Gem NFT: 10 Green Gem NFTs to synthesize a random Green Elves NFT.
Purple Gem NFT: 10 Purple Gem NFTs to synthesize a random Purple Elves NFT.
Orange Gem NFT: 10 Orange Gem NFTs to synthesize a random Orange Elves NFT.
Red Gem NFT: 10 Red Gem NFTs to synthesize a random Red Elves NFT.

Initially, Elves NFT will be obtained through blind boxes, or synthesized.

# Chain Pet NFT Treasure Box

Chain Pet's Treasure Boxe are divided into two types: Ordinary Treasure Boxes and Premium Treasure Boxes.

Now Blind Box Pre-sale function is online, players can buy they:
Link: https://www.chainpet.com/ (opens new window)

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1 Premium Box will receive 10 Ordinary Boxes,and there is a certain probability of getting a Special Card Black Card NFT. Black Card NFT are extremely rare and will be very useful and rewarding in the future, so stay tuned. In addition, Soul Treasure Box can get Gem NFT. There are 5 colors of Gem NFT in the Soul Treasure Box. Players can purchase a certain number of Gem NFT to synthesise the corresponding colour of Elves NFT.

After each Blind Box Pre-sale opened, players can purchase Blind Box for $BNB. After purchasing Blind Box, the system will automatically issue Blind Box to pre-orderers until the countdown to pre-sale. Each account can purchase multiple Blind Box. Players who purchased Blind Box can open it in ‘My Box ’to get NFT. Unsuccessful purchasers can wait for the next round of Pre-sale opened.

Now, NFT Marketplace function is open. Players can hang and sell NFT to NFT Marketplace for trade. Mining Pool function has also been published, players can put Elves NFT to Mining Pool to get CPET.
When the Game goes live, Elves NFT can play against each other to win CPET.

Now NFT can be traded in NFT Marketplace: https://www.chainpet.com/#page-nft-market-elves (opens new window)

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# NFT Market

Ordinary transaction store is where NFT holders set a fixed price and put it on the market, allowing other players to make purchases.

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Ordinary transaction stores are divided into Gem NFT stores and Elves NFT stores. The Gem NFT stores is sold at a custom price, and players are screened for listing.

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Auction transaction store: for Black Card Elves NFT selling, which adopts bidding mode. After being put on auction transaction store, it cannot be taken off , and the countdown status is 3 days. During the auction, all players can bid.

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At the end of the auction, the highest bidder will obtain the current bidding Black Card Elves NFT, and the system placed directly into the purchase's backpack.

The platform will charge 10% of the bid commission as a service fee.

# NFT Mining

In Chain Pet, the Elves NFT also acts as a "mining machine". Different colors of Elves NFT have different Hash.

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Mining is where players pledge NFT to earn token. In mining, players can pledge different Hash of NFT to mine token. There are a total of 8 NFT pledge positions, and each player can pledge up to 8 NFTs to mine token. In addition, players can upgrade NFT' Hash by staking $CPET.

24 hours waiting time for NFT redemption, and CPET output must be withdrawn in full at once.

All token accumulated in mining will be distributed according to the proportion of the NFT' Hash pledged by players.

The income is affected by the total prize pool,the input and output of NFT' Hash. Generally speaking, the earlier you participate in pledge mining, the more you earn.

# Mint

In Mint, players can place 4 Elves NFTs to Mint a premium NFT.

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Mint has 4 positions, and the player can put any 4 Elves NFTs to the Mint position. Each color of the Elves NFT has a different success rate. Every time player add an Elves NFT, Mint's success rate increases. When all 4 Mint positions are filled with Elves NFT, players can start mint new Elves NFT.

At this time, there will be two situations:
Mint success: All NFTs on Mint location will be destroyed, and a premium NFT will be generated.
Mint failure: One of the NFTs at the Mint location will be destroyed randomly.

# Farm

Stake LP gets $CPET.Simply understand, liquidity mining is similar to earning interest on bank deposits. When the player does not want to continue to deposit, he can get it back together with the profit.

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Players directly add liquidity to Farm on Chain Pet, and do not need 10% of $CPET as fee; if Players increase liquidity through a third-party platform, they need to pay 10% of $CPET as fee.

# RoadMap

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Q2 2021
Establish Chain Pet architecture design and build underlying system.

Q3 2021
Develop Chain Pet toolkit.

Q4 2021
Launched Chain Pet Blind Boxe pre-sale section and opened blind box sales.
Launched Chain Pet NFT Market to open the trading.
Ecological governance token $CPET built on the basis of BSC.

Q1 2022
Complete IDO.
PancakeSwap adds CPET fluidity.
Listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
Launch Elves Planet, start cultivation, pvp battle, land development.
Chain Pet in-game asset opening task reward; transaction circulation, mineral production, etc. are exchanged for $CPET.

Q2 2022
Launched the planetary resource auction system, item trading system, and equipment sales system.

Q3 2022
Open the underlying system of the trading market to allow third-party creators to upload works.